September 18, 2004

Update on Family in P’cola

Heard from my parents and my sisters. The one in Niceville has power and water and no noticeable damage to her house. The sister in Pensacola is doing fine and now has her cell phone working (AT&T Wireless is up). Same with the folks, their cell phones are working as well and they are still staying with my sis in P’cola. She has water but no land line phone nor power.

Family is still assessing the damage at the folk’s house. My sister said it looks like the house is surrounded by downed trees. The worst part is some of these trees came up out of the ground. One root ball was as high as the eaves of the house. They neighborhood still has no power and water.

My sister in Niceville will see if she can head over sometime in the next week and get me some digital pictures. I would like to see what really has happened. I will post more as I get information. As always the Pensacola News Journal is putting out information. Including information on which gas stations are running and which food stores are open.

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