September 17, 2004

Gross and really gross

Ok, having children is always a learning experience. It is just a matter of deciding which child can be the grossest (is that a word? If not, it is now in this household). Yesterday #2 Son waited until I was 2 feet away, walking back with a papertowel to clean him with, to put his index finger covered with cereal and apricots up his nose to the second knuckle. UGH. Watching that or cleaning it out… not sure which was worse. Then #1 Son had a BM (*) with an uneaten fully formed ½ a grape in it. Double UGH. The things I stop them from doing make me wonder about what would happen if you just let them do what they want.

#1 Son tried to pick up Dog Poop. Luckily it was the neighbor’s small dog that did it and not #1 DogSon. Also, I stopped him before he was able to reach it. #2 Son tried to eat a bug. Stopped him too. Of course I remember pulling ½ a roach out of #1 Son’s mouth one day when he was much younger. Definitely GROSS. For the first time in my life I almost threw up immediately. And this is from the woman, while dissecting a frog in the 10th grade, took the feet we had cut off and put them on pencils and made little dances with them. The point being that it takes a lot to make me sick.

So if you are squeamish, don’t have kids. Or make sure you have someone around to help when all this gross stuff happens. What am I going to face when they get older????

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