September 16, 2004

Pensacola (aka P’cola)

Friday, Sept 17. Latest update is:

1. No phones. Cannot reach my sister or parents via cell or land line.
2. My oldest sister left early today to head home. They could not reach anyone to see how their house fair'd through the storm. I can understand wanting to get home and see if the tree in their backyard went through the house.

Good sites:

They are doing a good job at keeping this up to date.

The Penscola News Journal has a forum in the middle right that has q & a going on for the area that is decent. I tried to register 3 times and it never took for me... but others have had success.

More as I find out about it.

Old News:

My folks and sister and husband made it through the storm alive. The damage this storm has caused though, won’t really be known for days. The last update I got from my sister was the following:

1. They have water damage that came through the roof air vents. They have the kind that run along the top of the peak of the house. They do not have water nor power. They DO have phone.

2. They reached a neighbor in my mom and dad’s neighborhood. The two HUGE oak trees out front came down. The neighbor said one of the oak trees was blocking the front door. Because of it’s size they could not see if any other damage had been done. (side note: these trees where so large I could not even wrap my arms half way around the trunk of either one)

More will be known later when the curfew is lifted. Right now they are saying that NO ONE is to drive around. If you want to see what is going on, like the ¼ mile missing out of the I-10 bridge into Pensacola, or what damage has been done, go to:

They seem to be updating it every hour or two. My oldest sister was down on vacation in Orlando and is arriving at my place today. So you may not get an entry for a day or two. However, I will try to update this entry as I learn more about family and friends.

Thank you for your prayers! My family is alive! And so is Bou's parents!

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