September 15, 2004

Mom is Falling Apart

First a little background. I had some problems when I was pregnant with #1 Son. Including going up to 196 pounds on a 5’2” frame. They kept testing me for all sorts of things, but nothing showed up. I think it was because I was drinking over a gallon of water a day. All of this was stressful, having my first child was stressful, lack of sleep for months afterwards was stressful and then finally – a light at the end of the tunnel. Around 6 months of age, my husband started taking #1 Son 3 to 4 times a week and letting me go horseback riding. I went down to 132 pounds (my ideal weight – IMHO I believe women should have some ‘cushion for the pushin’ and not be skinny – unless it is in their genes). Got enough sleep (4 hours or more a night) and felt great. Had a sense of humor again and the house was almost clean.

Then I was pregnant with #2 Son. Definitely had problems with him and he arrived 5 weeks early. He tried to come earlier and it was extremely stressful. We ended up staying a week in the hospital, then you come home to 2 sons, no sleep, husband has to go back work and a household to run. Stress was definitely in the works. My Husband has had to deal with a Wife that keeps losing her sense of humor, when she talks it seems like all it she says is complaints and a house that looks like a tornado goes through it all the time.

Every so often things settle down, the boys are getting older and I occasionally get sleep. But I have discovered – Mom’s are NOT allowed to get sick. Ever. When I had a sinus infection a couple of months ago, I was a BITCH. I could not take anything for the sniffles (I’m breastfeeding and what I take effects the boy – so I am very careful not to take stuff unless I really really have to) and mild antibiotics for the infection. This means I stay sick longer and stay bitchier longer. Of course I have stress in the rest of my family that affects me whether I want it to or not. But recently with the hurricane, visiting my folks and the trip from hell, I was feeling AWFUL. I swear I kept losing time. I would sit with the kids and when I looked back at the clock an hour had passed. Nothing in the house was done and yet I felt tired. My Husband wanted to stay at work (ie not come home). I guess that means I am definitely falling apart.

Today, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. Turns out I have a pinched nerve in my neck. The rash on my hand is due to stress. And I just need to get some rest, exercise and relax. Oh and here is some medicine for the pinched nerve and a cream for the rash. Bah hahahahahahaha. Ok, now that the tears in my eyes are wiped dry from laughing so hard… I may not be putting out as many blog entries until I work out a better routine to try and get some rest. I doubt I’ll get sleep or exercise… and I guess I won’t have an excuse to eat ice cream and cookies since that means the side of my face will quit hurting from the pinched nerve and I should be able to chew normally again. Well, gotta take the good with the bad. Grin. Hopefully, I'll get myself back together soon and life will be more enjoyable for all.

Side note: Say a prayer, or whatever it is you do, for the people in the Panhandle of Florida – that is where my sisters and parents live, as well as Bou’s folks. Thanks!

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