September 15, 2004

Books-A-Million and One

Ok, take a two year old walking around, an 11 month crawling and a Mom who HAD to get out of the house. The library is closed (due to Hurricane Frances), I hate the mall, and outside is off limits due to mosquitoes. Where to go? For this bookworm, Books-A-Million is only 15 minutes away. Must be the place to take children, they have children’s books! Bah hah hah hah.

Did I mention my two year old loves books too? Seems I forgot that part of it as I went into the store and let him out of the stroller to walk with me. Off we go down the aisles. What was interesting at this store was that there was no room down the aisles except for 1 person at a time. Luckily I have a tandem stroller, but it also means that I take up about 5 feet in length. So people had a wait before they could get around me. Then wait a little while longer for I was picking up and putting back books every other step. Every Blue’s Clues, every Bob The Builder, every Dora the Explorer and so on was fair game for my #1 Son. He even ignored the big play center with trains and the 2 older boys playing with it to keep going for books.

I finally got him away from the kid section and over to the Sci/Fi / Fantasy to find him bring over a book with the Cat In The Hat on it. I was dumfounded. Where did he find that over here? It turned out to be a journal with the Cat In The Hat on the cover. Good eyes that boy has. Well, I made it out with only one book (for me!) and my sanity somewhat in tack. I believe I put all those books back where they belonged. And only came home with one. BIG GRIN!

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