July 28, 2005

BAD EXAMPLE & FRIZZEN SPARKS Family Blogcrawl 2005

I stole plagiarized borrowed this from my Blog Granddaddy Harvey.

Blogsomething Contagion of Miasmatic Review announces that from 7pm Saturday, July 30th to 7am Sunday, July 31st, you should get drunk and comment on any (or every) blog on the Bad Example and/or Frizzen Family blogrolls. Here are the rules:

A) You have to be 21 years old to participate. I don’t want some minor’s parents coming back and saying I told them to get pissed drunk and go on the internet. If you are under 21, you may still participate, as a designated blogger.

2) Drink as much as you comfortably feel you should. This is for fun, I don’t want to have blog fodder stories involving charcoal slurries and ER visits. Be responsible, especially if you have to drive. I’m saying right now that if you do something stupid and hurt yourself I will make fun of you. I am neither legally, morally nor ethically responsible for anything you do either in the real world or on the internet. You are all adults and responsible for your own actions.

D) Please attempt to limit the Blog Crawl comments to the time frame listed. Just so, it’s easier to track. Not that I’m going to link to every single post that has a comment on it, I just don’t want to search for them Sunday to see what everyone said. Oh, and a drunken post on your own blog is perfectly acceptable and I will link to those.

4) Try to leave a comment on every blog in the Bad Example and Frizzen Sparks family. You may use my side bar as a reference if you don’t know who they are. Do not feel limited to these blogs only, go ahead and hit any other blog you would like as well. Oh, and a drunken post on your own blog is perfectly acceptable and I will link to those.

This is from Harvey:

(Yeah, I know. But he always numbers things that way)

Anyway, dingus forgot two things.

Now go read THIS POST from Harvey to find out what Contagion forgot.

Posted by vw bug at July 28, 2005 06:54 PM | TrackBack

I forgot nothing! Harvey is just picking on me again! I'm his least favorite blog offspring.

Posted by: Contagion at July 29, 2005 08:38 AM

You are your mother's least favorite offspring.


Blogcrawwwwwwwwwwl, beeoooootch.

(I luv you VW!)

Posted by: Anathematized1 at July 31, 2005 02:14 AM