September 26, 2006

Family Day

Seems Tammi is having a Family Day...

I tried to just put a comment out and have her point to one of my old posts. I loved that post. Brought back memories. But did my comment work? Yaa.. It made it, but I felt sorta guilty... My blog was made for my family. Yaa... I stray and do quiz's and meme's and other stuff. But basically I try to tell stories of my boys and our family.

So what was the Post I loved? It was THIS ONE. Where the boys are playing in a laundry basket. That is what my life is right now, boys, laundry and fixing food. I swear some days that is all I do... Oh and occassionally I get to see my hubby. ;-)

This is a great idea to help you remember how much you love your family and I hope more people go put out a fun post about your own family. I love that stuff.

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That sounded like such great fun. My son loved hanging out in the kitchen with me so I kept lots of plastic containers, measuring cups, wooden spoons, etc. I once took a small empty plastic take out container put rice grains in it sealed it with the lid and that was both a marraca and drum for my son for the longest of time. I finally threw it out some months ago so I guess we had it for over 3 yrs.

Yep, it never ceased to amaze me the things they amuse themselves with.

Posted by: Michele at September 26, 2006 11:01 AM