January 02, 2008

Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

Ok folks... I finally got 5 hours sleep last night. Before that Tot was having asthma problems (which are always worse at night)... and Happy dog decided that barking at 2am was fun. None of which helped me with sleeping more than 2 hours at a shot. Why am I telling you this? Because my sense of humor is ... just awful when I have had no sleep. I'm posting some humor that is NSFW (Not safe for work) in the More Pawprints. Very funny to me at this moment and thought I would share. And something safe for work... visit this Old Fart and read his predictions for the new year... Not sure if my favorite is that there will be 29 days in February or that two teams will play each other in the NFL. LOL! Ok Ok... so he is going to get me for calling him old... Part of the fun... enjoy the below the pawprints humor!

And hopefully in a day or two, I'll be up to commenting versus just lurking and reading. Thanks to everyone that has stopped by... i know it has been hard to comment lately. Happy New Year and thank you.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

There are a couple more with nude body parts... email me if you want me to send them to you.

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