November 22, 2006

What VWBug is Thankful for

These are a few of the things VW has been thankful for.

My #1 Son decided to run a fever and puke last night. Thankfully it was Dad helping him. (102 and puke on You)

Now #2 Son has started to feed cheerios to me...those wet cheerios are likely to have been licked or even partially chewed....I am very thankful for that.

VW is thankful for her friends and is not afraid to let them know.

Thanks to Sticks and Richmond, my place is a mess.

Gee Thanks Lee Ann (notice the sarcasm).

Thanks to Bou...I decided NOT to put the Fire Hose adapter on the end of the hose.

Oh, and VW's husband is thankful that she is not cooking candied yams today.

So, what are you thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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