December 31, 2005

Last Day, New Year Coming

There have been so many good memories over this year... I had a blast looking back through my blog archives. Made me happy that Bou got me started on this. Yet, I couldn't figure out what I wanted to post for today. The top 10 people list that is going around? Point to some of my favorite posts?

Instead, I got this in my email yesterday and thought it was the best of all. I get this at least twice a year and every time I read it, I wish I could follow it. Some days I do, most days I wish I did. I think it is a great way to end this year and start the next. I hope I do better in 2006 in following this advice than I did in 2005.

An Old Farmer's Advice:

* Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong.

* Keep skunks and bankers and lawyers at a distance.

* Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.

* A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor.

* Words that soak into your ears are whispered...not yelled.

* Meanness don't jes' happen overnight.

* Forgive your enemies. It messes up their heads.

* Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.

* It don't take a very big person to carry a grudge.

* You cannot unsay a cruel word.

* Every path has a few puddles.

* When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.

* The best sermons are lived, not preached.

* Most of the stuff people worry about ain't never gonna happen anyway.

* Don't judge folks by their relatives.

* Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

* Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll enjoy it a second time.

* Don't interfere with somethin' that ain't botherin' you none.

* Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.

* If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'.

* Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.

* The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every mornin'.

* Always drink upstream from the herd.

* Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.

* Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin' it back in.

* If you get to thinkin' you're a person of some influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around.

* Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

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December 30, 2005

I Must Be Dreaming

My sister called me about a Tropical Storm. After she finished laughing about how I almost superglued my finger to the Steam Cleaner when I was trying to fix it along with all the other accidents (see post below) she told me about a Tropical Storm. I thought she was joking. She's not. Here is what I saw at the National Hurricane Center at 11:50am EST.



Please tell me it is just a nightmare and will be gone soon.

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Danger Danger, Stay Away From Mom

Shout it from the roof tops... Danger Prone Mom is at it again. Here is one of two injuries I got yesterday:

Free Image Hosting at

Yep, that is my forehead. That is a huge cut in it. Maybe not that huge, but the amount of blood that came out of it made me think it was huge. (Click to enlarge the picture). The other is on my right hand. Oh yaaa. I can't seem to stop doing stupid stuff like this. I was sitting on the floor working on the Steam Cleaner last night when I got up very quickly. The cabinet door was open above me. I didn't know it. Yes, I was the one that opened it. But I heard a yell. I moved quickly... very quickly... right up into the cabinet door. Turns out it was my hubby yelling and not one of the kids. Thank goodness. At 10pm you don't want your kids waking up.

And even though I fixed the cleaner, I also succeeded in breaking a piece of it.

Wonder what the rest of this week is going to bring. Only today and the weekend left. ;-)

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Cardboard Boxes

Some of the best gifts are the boxes that other things come in! Here is an example of Cousin B and Tot playing together in a box:

= = = = =

You can even eat an apple in the box. I'm surprised that Tot didn't take it from him. Guess when you are hiding in a box together that being nice is the better option.

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December 29, 2005

Mamaw's Decorations

Since you saw my sons' wonderful decorations, I thought you ought to see what my mom did.

And yes, she really did make these:

Free Image Hosting at

= = = = =

This is just the way she puts stuff together... isn't it grand? Wish I had gotten those genes from her.

= = = = =

My mom did pass this talent on to my other sisters. Here is proof... Tink crossstitched this Angel.

= = = = =

I can fix a vacuum but not put together a bunch of Christmas decorations and make it look great. Maybe my boys will be better at it than I am. I can always hope.

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December 28, 2005

Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

Ok Ok... I'm late getting this out. But trust me, I have been extremely busy. In fact for the next week, I'm not sure how much I will get to post. I have great pictures and stories from my visit to my mom's. Hopefully I'll remember them all when I get a chance to post!!!

Here is some dog humor:


A man had just settled into his seat next to the window on the plane when another man sat down in the aisle seat and put his black Labrador Retriever in the middle seat next to the man.

The first man looks very quizzically at the dog and asks why the dog is allowed on the plane. The second man explained that he is a DEA agent and that the dog is a "sniffing dog". His name is Sniffer and he's the best there is. I'll show you once we get airborne, when I put him to work."

The plane takes off, and once it has leveled out, the agent says: "Watch this." He tells Sniffer to "search". Sniffer jumps down, walks along the aisle, and finally sits very purposefully next to a woman for a several seconds. Sniffer then returns to its seat and puts one paw on the agent's arm.

The agent says, "Good boy", and he turns to the man and says: "That woman is in possession of marijuana, so I'm making a note of her seat number and the authorities will apprehend her when we land."

"Say, that's pretty neat" replies the first man.

Once again, the agent sends Sniffer to search the aisles. The Lab sniffs about, sits down beside a man for a few seconds, returns to its seat, and this time, he places TWO paws on the agent's arm.

The agent says, "That man is carrying cocaine, so again, I'm making a note of his seat number for the police."

"I like it!" says his seat mate.

The agent then told Sniffer to "search" again.

Sniffer walked up and down the aisles for a little while, sat down for a moment, and then came racing back to the agent, jumped into the middle seat and proceeded to poop all over the place.

The first man is really grossed out by this behavior and can't figure out how or why a well-trained dog would act like that, so he asks the agent "What's going on?"

The agent nervously replied, "He just found a bomb!"

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December 26, 2005

Alive, Alive I Tell You

It took me this long to remember the way to log into my blog! That and I have been VERY busy. Two young monsters in a house that is NOT child proof. This is the first time I have gotten to sit down at the computer. I'm going to be so far behind in reading blogs it'll take me weeks to catch up!

The trip to Pensacola was fine, being here has been great. Lots of great pictures and stories. Will post when I get back into town in a day or two.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and holiday.

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December 23, 2005

The Decorations

Here is Phase 1 of the tree. Dad was brave enough to give them real candy canes to put on the tree. It will be interesting to see if they survive till Christmas. After the candy canes, they put on the decorations they painted. Seems our tree is a little one-sided on decorations. But we left them were the boys put them.

Next step? We put on garland. Not the smartest move on my part. Did you notice it was the 'foam' rings? I didn't realize when I bought it that you have to punch out the holes for the piece to go through to finish the ring. Oh yes... I had a ton of these little 'holes' all over my carpet. Tater had a great time doing that part of it. Tot just kept ripping them off the strand. Both wore them as braclets for a little while.

Here is the best picture I could get of the tree. It was fun.

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Star Tree Topper

My kids made a tree topper. I let them pick the construction paper, the items to put on it and basically even let them do a lot of the gluing. Yep, I was out of my mind. I must say, it turned out great.

I told Tater we had to let it dry over night. The next morning... he wanted to put on that Star. And I let him. Next time I will try and remember to dress them first. GRIN.

And keep an eye in the background as the pictures progress.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

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December 22, 2005

My Angel

Monday, Tater brought home a placemat they made at school. It was a picture of him as an angel. Absolutely adorable but oh so not true. I love my son just the way he is... a sometimes good, sometimes bad little boy. Click picture to enlarge it.

Free Image Hosting at

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Painting Decorations

It was time to paint the decorations for the tree. Tot refused to let go of the dvd case but I let him paint anyways.

Free Image Hosting at

Tater decided to paint his hands as well as the decorations. And the paper and the chair and his shirt. Phew. Good thing I caught him before he painted the whole house.

Here you can see both busy painting. And keeping mom on her toes watching them.

Free Image Hosting at

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Happy Holidays

It's really going to happen. I'm heading to my Mom's house for the holidays. Well, for Christmas. I have the last 2 posts done for tomorrow that show the rest of our Christmas Tree. I will try to post them before I leave, but if not... Mom has Cable Modem!!!! You might see them late Friday night.

I hope everyone celebrates the holiday of their choice. But most of all, Thank you for being with me through so much. It has been wonderful. I hope the following year is just as fun and entertaining.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and just have a astounding time if you aren't celebrating at all.

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December 21, 2005

More Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

Engineers' Conversion Tables

This is pretty heavy scientific stuff......converting units:

1. Ratio of an igloo's circumference to its diameter = Eskimo Pi

2. 2000 pounds of Chinese soup = Won ton

3. 1 millionth of a mouthwash = 1 microscope

4. Time between slipping on a peel and smacking the pavement = 1

5. Weight an evangelist carries with God = 1 billigram

6. Time it takes to sail 220 yards at 1 nautical mile per hour =

7. 16.5 feet in the Twilight Zone = 1 Rod Sterling

8. Half of a large intestine = 1 semicolon

9. 1,000,000 aches = 1 megahurtz

10. Basic unit of laryngitis = 1 hoarsepower

11 Shortest distance between two jokes = A straight line

12. 453.6 graham crackers = 1 pound cake

13. 1 million-million microphones = 1 megaphone

14. 2 million bicycles = 2 megacycles

15. 365.25 days = 1 unicycle

16. 2000 mockingbirds = 2 kilomockingbirds

17. 52 cards = 1 decacards

18. 1 kilogram of falling figs = 1 FigNewton

19. 1000 milliliters of wet socks = 1 literhosen

20. 1 millionth of a fish = 1 microfiche

21. 1 trillion pins = 1 terrapin

22. 10 rations = 1 decoration

23. 100 rations = 1 C-ration

24. 2 monograms = 1 diagram

25. 4 nickels = 2 paradigms

26. 2.4 statute miles of intravenous surgical tubing at Yale University
Hospital = 1 IV League

27. 100 Senators = Not 1 decision

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Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

New Element Found

The recent hurricane and gasoline issues helped prove existence of a new element. In early October [2005] a major research institution announced discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element has been named "Government."

Governmentium (Gv) has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.

These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton like particles called peons. Since Gv has no electrons, it is inert. However, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of Gv causes one reaction to take over four days to complete, when it would normally take less than a second!

Gv has a normal half-life of 4 years; it does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places. In fact, Governmentium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes.

This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to believe that Gv is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as Critical Morass.

When catalyzed with money, Gv becomes Administratium (Am) - an element which radiates just as much energy as Gv since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons.

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December 20, 2005

Christmas Movie Meme

I must learn not to open my email. Gee Thanks Lee Ann (notice the sarcasm). It just brings me more work. I thought this meme would be easy until I started on it. Definitely more work. I am suppose to "Name the top 5 movies that you love that say "Christmas" to you."

Since I want to get this done... I'm naming the top 3.

1. The Bishop's Wife. The old classic.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Again, the old classic.

3. White Christmas always come to my mind.

There are others I have watched, but these say 'Christmas' to me. Guess I'll skip the other 2, since my brain has shut down. Next you are suppose to tag 5 people. Well... I only did 3 movies, so I'm only tagging 3 people:

2. Richmond
3. Oddybobo

Just because.

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My Computer Geeks

I'm raising my children to like and enjoy computers. Sometimes I wonder if that is a smart move... Here is Tot at my laptop:

Free Image Hosting at

= = = =

And when Tater saw me taking Tot's picture, he immediately 'posed' for his picture:

Free Image Hosting at

= = = =

I finally got both of them without Tater 'posing' for me:

Free Image Hosting at

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After a Long Weekend

Even my two boys can get along for a short period of time without fighting. Then again, it helps if they are falling asleep from a long weekend of Christmas tree decorating.

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December 19, 2005

Look at the Hair

Tot's hair is gorgeous. Ok Ok, so I'm his mom. But tilt your monitor until you get the highlights visible in his hair. It is like spun silver and gold.

Free Image Hosting at

Women pay good money to try and get these kind of highlights.

Free Image Hosting at

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December 18, 2005

December 17, 2005

Memories and a Grouch

First: Memories of Christmas. My mom told me she had found and got out the ol' Mitch Miller Sing Along record. Oh my!!! That brought back so many memories of Christmas. We use to play that record constantly at Christmas time. I'm surprised when she told me it still worked. I figured it would be so scratched up and worn from all the use. I'm thinking I will be buying it soon for my own kids. A little late to get it now with Christmas being only 9 days away... but definitely on my list of things to get one day. What's your favorite Christmas record?

Second: A couple of bloggers, Bou and ArmyWifeToddlerMom, have been reading this blog called Grouchy Old Cripple. Over the last 6 months or more, they have referenced something he has written. Needless to say, I have been out of the loop. Finally, I started reading him today. And here is a quote from one of his posts:

Anyway, I know lots of people by their blog names and not their real names. I know Army Wife's first name, but not her last. I also know that she is hot!

and later on in that same post:

I do know Bou's first and last name along with that of her sister, Morrigan, but I ain't telling. Keeping up with the pattern of this post, I have to say they're both hot. Smart too.

Anyone that can say that about those two, can't be all that grouchy. Well, that and the humor he puts out is certainly funny to me and far from the grouchy side. And waited until close to Christmas to discover him. Sigh... I really need to listen better to those around me.

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December 16, 2005

Anyone Got A Pillow?

Seems that my youngest can use anything for a pillow. He laid like this for 20 minutes.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Nope, I couldn't do it. Must be youth.

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December 15, 2005

Last Day to Vote

Hard to believe I'm not in last place. Some of you have been very diligent in voting for me and I appreciate it. Thank you for taking time out of your day and making mine a little nicer. I love your comments and having you drop by... but the fact you cared enough to vote. Wow.

For those wondering what this is all about... I was put in for the Weblog Awards for the Best Parenting Blog. Today is the last day to vote for your favorite blogs.

Thank you again for taking time to vote for me.

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Camera Hound

I took out the camera to get a picture or two of the kids and Tater decided he wanted HIS picture taken. Here are a series of pictures of my newest Camera Hound:

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

And if those smiles weren't cute enough... how about some posing for the camera?

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Did I get a smile from you yet? It's moments like this that remind me how much I love the little monster.

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December 14, 2005

Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

Note from Santa Claus:

I regret to inform you that, effective immediately, I will no longer serve the States of Georgia, Florida, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas on Christmas Eve.

Due to the overwhelming current population of the earth, my contract was
renegotiated by North American Fairies and Elves Local 209. As part of the
new and better contract I also get longer breaks for milk and cookies so
keep that in mind.

However, I'm certain that your children will be in good hands with your local replacement, who happens to be my third cousin, Bubba Claus. His side of the family is from the South Pole. He shares my goal of delivering toys to all the good boys and girls; however, there are a few differences between us.

Differences such as:

1. There is no danger of the Grinch stealing your presents from Bubba Claus. He has a gun rack on his sleigh and a bumper sticker that reads:
"These toys insured by Smith and Wesson."

2. Instead of milk and cookies, Bubba Claus prefers that children leave an
RC cola and pork rinds [or a moon pie] on the fireplace. And Bubba doesn't
smoke a pipe. He dips a little snuff though, so please have an empty spit can handy.

3. Bubba Claus' sleigh is pulled by floppy-eared, flyin' coon dogs instead
of reindeer. I made the mistake of loaning him a couple of my reindeer one time, and Blitzen's head now overlooks Bubba's fireplace.

4. You won't hear "On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen.." when Bubba
Claus arrives. Instead, you'll hear, "On Earnhardt, on Andretti, on Elliott and Petty."

5. "Ho, Ho, Ho!" has been replaced by "Yee Haw!" And you also are likely to
hear Bubba's elves respond, "I her'd dat!"

6. As required by Southern highway laws, Bubba Claus' sleigh does have a
Yosemite Sam safety triangle on the back with the words "Back Off."

7. The usual Christmas movie classics such as "Miracle on 34th Street" and
"It's a Wonderful Life" will not be shown in your negotiated viewing area.
Instead, you'll see "Boss Hogg Saves Christmas" and "Smokey and the Bandit
IV" featuring Burt Reynolds as Bubba Claus and dozens of state patrol cars
crashing into each other.

And Finally,

8. Bubba Claus doesn't wear a belt. If I were you, I'd make sure you, the
wife, and the kids turn the other way when he bends over to put presents
under the tree.

Sincerely Yours,

Santa Claus

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Happy News?

Found THIS POST over at Basil's. And if you scroll through it, you will find a headline on a web site focusing on Happy News.

Want to read some news on "U.S. troops rescuing two cheetah cubs in Ethiopia and the induction of 12 people into the Hall of Fame for Caring Americans" then this is the site for you. Separate topics on Health, Science, Arts, Sports and more.

Check out HappyNews.Com and see if you find something to level off all the bad news we hear lately.

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December 13, 2005

Do You Know...

UPDATE: CalTechGirl gave me the answer!!!! Coatimundi... Yipeeee!!

The short version used for this animal is Coati... So close and yet so far.

...what the animal is that is chasing the hurt Mama Macaw in Go Diego Go? It is driving me nuts. It started with Tater telling me a Karate was chasing him. Huh? I finally saw the show ONCE. It sounded more like Ka-wa-dee to me. And it looked similar to a Lemar. But I can't find any such animal. What is that animal???? What is it's real name? Someone HELP!!!!

Of course, the show has not replayed since I have started watching for it. Any help in figuring out what that animal really is, would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Happy Dog

Pam asked for some Dog pictures. I tried to get some of him hunting for lizards, but just couldn't get a decent picture. Instead, I decided to get him in his second favorite position:

Outside yesterday:
Free Image Hosting at

Inside a couple of nights ago:
Free Image Hosting at

(His first favorite position is at the dog bowl).

And of course I couldn't get a picture of him without another one of my children being involved. Tater laid down beside him and I had to get the picture. This is the only one that turned out.

Free Image Hosting at

Temptation overtook me to get his picture as he is howling... Notice he is not at the fence after the truck... just outside the door letting his presence be known.

Free Image Hosting at

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December 12, 2005

That Horrible Little Word

It finally happened. It has entered into our household. That Horrible Little Word.


Or even worse... the phrase:

Why, Mommy, Why?

Every day for 3 days everything is asked with the question of why. Why do we have to leave? Why do you stop at the red light? Why do I have to eat this? Why are you heating up the water? Why does that cook the rice? Why? Why? Why?

I can usually make it through about three "whys" before I say the standard "Because I say so". Or "I don't know".

Any idea on how long this lasts? How long before I totally lose my mind?

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The 5 Strange Things Meme

Tagged. I can't believe I got tagged. Geeze, like I am strange in any way, shape, or form. Being smart enough NOT to ask my friends or family about this, I will list some habits I have. You can decide if they are strange or not.

1. I like to clean the kitchen BEFORE I cook. Clean it while I cook and clean up as soon as possible after I cook.

2. I love apple slices with either salt or peanut butter on them.

3. If I make cinnamon toast and it looks like there is not enough cinnamon sugar on it after I take it out... I add more.

4. I like my hot tea without sugar and my cold tea with sugar.

5. I prefer my water at room temperature and with NO ice (in fact most drinks I prefer no ice).

This is done because I needed to get it out ASAP before another person tagged me!!! It's bad enough to be tagged by two mathematical people like Bou and MathCog... I don't know if I could handle one more mathematician!

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December 10, 2005

Busy Day

Good News: Yipee, we got two calls to see the house tomorrow.
Bad News: Posting will be light. Very light. IE, this is the Sunday Post

Here is something to make you laugh:

Christmas Divorce

Hat Tip to Richmond

And another something:

A set of Christmas Questions to drive you crazy.

Hat Tip to Physics Geek

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Too Tired

I'm going to send you to other blogs to enjoy their stories.

First: Gifts for the cooks out there... Mary Beth has a great idea or two.

Second: Gifts most mothers would love to have from Santa.

And this is not a post with words as much as with a picture. And a link to the Live Cam of the Rockefeller Center Tree from Michele.

If I had thought of THIS to keep my children under control, I certainly would have used it. Maybe next year!

Then again, if I found THIS in my closet... I'm not sure I would have handled it as well.

And some Christmas humor from GuyK.

And there are so many more out there. I just don't have the time or patience to link to them all today. Maybe tomorrow. Besides... I got hit with a meme and now I have to come up with 5 strange habits. Me? Strange? Puhleeeze.

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December 09, 2005

Computer and Paint

The disadvantage of having a laptop is its ability to be moved. Ohhhhh. That is suppose to be an advantage? Well, it might if my sons didn't want to play on it. They have to take turns. What better way to keep them entertained while I do dishes, fold laundry and vacuum? Let one play on the computer while the other paints... and hope the two never meet.

Free Image Hosting at

= = = = =

Notice the smile that Tot has... the computer is playing some kind of music that he likes. Observe the intense concentration of Tater. (click to enlarge)

Free Image Hosting at

= = = = =

Did I mention that Tater already knows how to plug the mouse into the correct USB port? Ohhh... so does Tot. Somehow I think I'm going to be in a lot of trouble in a couple of years.

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December 08, 2005

Playing Together

Shhhhh. Be very quiet. My sons are playing together. Really! No sand throwing, no pushing, no taking of toys. Look and see for yourself:

Free Image Hosting at

= = = = =

Free Image Hosting at

= = = = =

Free Image Hosting at

= = = = =

Side Note: Did those from the great white North notice something? No SNOW on the ground? Ahhhh. Some of the advantages of living in Florida. ;-)

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Big P

Big P, little p
What begins with P?
Painting your Pajamas Pink
P.. p... p...

That is what first comes to mind when I hear Big P... Dr. Seuss' ABC book**. Then comes to mind next is what this post is about... Tot's got Big P diaper at night. My son wakes up too often in the middle of the night. One day my mom suggested it might be his diapers. While talking to Bou about it, she mentioned the pull ups keep you feeling a little wet. I switched to the old velcro diapers. Since he already wears the largest diaper you can buy (5t/6t), I wasn't able to get a bigger size at the same time. It seems this has helped. We now make it to about 4am. I am still unable to figure out where all that P comes from at night. I change him all day long, and still he stores that P up some where. Where? In his right leg?

The question is ... should I try changing his diaper before I go to sleep? Chances are he must have P'd in it at least once. It will have been 2 hours since his last diaper change. Will that get us till 6am? Or am I kidding myself?

**Note: I am too lazy to go get the book and look up the passage... it may not be exactly right.

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December 07, 2005

Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

Some old, some new... all are funny!

Side Note: Since I have some new readers, I thought I would let you know that I use to hate Wednesdays. Not Mondays but Wednesdays. Why? Because that was the night my husband would 'go out with the guys' and leave me with two very young children. Hence, the need for a little extra humor on this day.

Attending a wedding for the first time, a little girl whispered to her mother, "Why is the bride dressed in white?" "Because white is the color of happiness, child thought about this for a moment, then said, "So why is the groom wearing black?"


A little girl, dressed in her Sunday best, was running as fast as she could, trying not to be late for Bible class. As she ran she prayed, "Dear Lord, please don't let me be late! Dear Lord, please don't let me be late!" While she was running and praying, she tripped on a curb and fell, getting her clothes dirty and tearing her dress. She got up, brushed herself off, and started running again. As she ran she once again began to pray, "Dear Lord, please don't let me be late...But please don't shove me either!"


An elderly woman died last month. Having never married, she requested no male pallbearers. In her handwritten instructions for her memorial service, she wrote, "They wouldn't take me out while I was alive, I don't want them to take me out when I'm dead.


A police recruit was asked during the exam, "What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?" He said, "Call for backup."


A Sunday School teacher asked her class why Joseph and Mary took Jesus with them to Jerusalem. A small child replied: "They couldn't get a baby sitter."


A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds. After explaining the commandment to "honor thy father and thy mother," she asked "Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?" Without missing a beat one little boy answered, "Thou shall not kill."


At Sunday School they were teaching how God created everything, including human beings. Little Johnny seemed especially intent when they told him how Eve was created out of one of Adam's ribs. Later in the week his mother noticed him lying down as though he were ill, and said, "Johnny, what is the matter?" Little Johnny responded, "I have pain in my side. I think I'm going to have a wife."


Two boys were walking home from Sunday school after hearing a strong preaching on the devil. One said to the other, "What do you think about all this Satan stuff?" The other boy replied, "Well, you know how Santa Claus turned out. It's probably just your Dad."

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December 06, 2005

The Cook

In my house, you can n.e.v.e.r turn your back for 2 minutes. Tot moved the stool over to the counter where I had been getting dinner ready.

Free Image Hosting at

Proceeded to pickup my hotpad and put it in the toaster oven. And fortunately for me, take it back out.

Free Image Hosting at

Life just got a little more difficult. It was bad enough I had to make sure I carried knives away with me... now I'm going to have to turn off and unplug everything too. Both my boys seem to know not to touch hot things and stay away from the stove top. Might have something to do with the very hot tea I drink all the time... GRIN.

Luckily, he did not turn on the toaster oven. Nor was it in use. Or I would have had one melted hotpad and a huge mess.

Another day in the Tater/Tot household.

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Carnival of Recipes is UP

I have been very lazy lately. I even entered a recipe in the COR #66 and STILL forgot to post a link to it.

Carnival of Recipes #66

Carnival of Recipes Hot and Spicy #67

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December 05, 2005

Knock Me Over With A Feather

In an email from Bou she told me I had been put in for the Parenting Weblog Awards. WHAT???? Whoever did this... THANK YOU!!! I feel so special.

Oh... and if you feel like, go vote.

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Fashion Statement

Tot has decided to make a fashion statement. He has decided that wearing cookware as shoes is the way to go. He also knows e.x.a.c.t.l.y when mom is going to take a picture. I could not get one of him standing up walking in these shoes. But he walked from the kitchen to the living room.

Free Image Hosting at

Then again, the hair scrunchie on the arm is rather entertaining as well. What's next?

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December 04, 2005

Thought Provoking

It's the weekend. Too tired to write up the stories of what the little men have done lately. Trust me, they have been busy. Instead, here is something for you to think about... Do you agree? or disagree? why?

1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.
2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.
3. Glock: The original point and click interface.
4. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.
5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?
6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.
7. Free men Do Not ask permission to bear arms.
8. If you don't know your rights you don't have any.
9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.
10. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights reserved.
11. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand?
12. The Second Amendment is in place in case they ignore the others.
13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.
14. Guns only have two enemies: rust and liberals.
15. Know guns, know peace and safety. No guns, no peace nor safety.
16. You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.
17. 911 - government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.
18. Assault is a behavior, not a device.
19. Criminals love gun control -- it makes their jobs safer .
20. If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson.
21. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.
22. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.
23. Enforce the "gun control laws" we have, don't make more.
24. When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.
25. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.
26. ".. A government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE..."

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December 03, 2005

Only the Gutsy Need Apply

It amazes me when people let me guest post for them. You would think people would learn by now that what I post on your blog will be NOTHING like what I post on my blog.

On YOUR blog I get to be creative and have some fun. And then you take a blog like Random Fate that has many serious controversial conversations and add me. Jack was smart enough to have some of his more serious bloggers write for him. Why he ever added me is still a mystery. But I must say, I have been having fun.

My FIRST POST was taken from Bugs Bunny.

My SECOND POST was geeky gifts. Feel free to buy any of them and send them to ME!!! ;-)

Only I know what my third post will be... though I'm not sure yet. He did say I could put some of more risque humor over there. Well... he didn't say I could, but when I said I would be doing this, he didn't say no. Which implies yes, doesn't it?

Want to know more about how my brain works? Go take a look at those two posts. What you see here on my blog is a 'scrapbook' for me of my family and kids. When I travel to another blog... I "let the hair down".

And the reason why Jack is gone? He is moving from France back to the United States to be closer to his dad. His dad is having health problems and you can read more about it HERE.

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Hurricane Epsilon

What a season... did anyone mention to the weather that hurricane season is OVER? I guess now since we now have:

Hurricane Epsilon

I think it's time for me to go and have some hot tea and M&Ms. This is just crazy. I'm just glad it is not headed for Florida.

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December 02, 2005

Where's My Shovel?

Tater can be so precious some days. We were playing out in the yard when he came running over to me asking for help. "Mom, my shovel! Help me!" "Mom, I can't find it!!!!"

Trying not to laugh since he is being very serious... "Tater, look in your hand."

Tater looks down at his hand, sees the shovel. He tilts his head, smiles, with a little shake to the head and says "Silly Tater."

Gotta love those moments.

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Searches that Hit My Site

Search hits that I get:

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Ahhhh. The fun of having a blog.

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December 01, 2005

Going For a Walk

Monkey see, monkey do... notice Tater is twirling his hair and Tot's hand is on the way up to do the same:

Free Image Hosting at

Bird (Great White Egret) spots Tot:

Free Image Hosting at

Bird takes off in flight as Tot gets closer. I'm amazed at how big that bird was compared to my son.

Free Image Hosting at

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