September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Contagion

UPDATE: T1G says that "Bloodyspite has set up a chat for you blog crawlers..." just put in a name and press the login button. Enjoy!

I can't believe it wasn't long ago that I was sending Contagion names for his blog. Now he is getting older himself. And to celebrate it will be the Blogcrawl of 2007.

While I will try to participate, sleep and children seem to cause an issue to staying up too late for anything. But I will certainly enjoy it the next day. Fun fun for everyone. Join on in when you can tonight... it can get interesting. And if I do make it... I will be...

included is a barf bag, water and some febreeze spray. Enjoy!

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Meme Here...

It was really hard not to pretend I was Tater and answer these... but here are my answers... for Lemon Stand and Tink

1. Who was your first prom date?

2. Who was your first roommate?
Nope, no roommate unless you count my first hubby.

3. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
The one I remember was from Nebraska to Guam with stops in Seattle and Hawaii. (stole this from my sister, but I actually do remember this plane ride... we almost turned around and went back to Hawaii since the back doors didn't shut correctly).

UPDATE From my mom: We did turn around and go back .............Mom

4. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?
Don't remember ever sneaking out of the house.

5. Whose wedding were you in the first time?

6. What was the first concert you ever went to?
Uhhh.... no clue

7. First tattoo or piercing?
Pierced ears.

Everyone has been tagged... phew....

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September 28, 2007

It's Not Fair!

Why??? Why??? When my children have the day off from school they get up at 5:45am? I can't get them to wake up at 6:10am on school days (though I do enjoy waking them up) and the one day we can sleep in without a worry... they wake up. ARGHHHHHHHHHH....

Then again, to watch boys dance to THIS VIDEO makes it fun.

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September 27, 2007


I am overloaded today... hence, I'm just going to put some humor out here.

Why men shouldn't do advice columns:

Dear Walter:

I hope you can help me here. The other day I set off for work leaving my husband in the house watching the TV as usual. I hadn't gone more than a few hundred yards down the road when my engine conked out and the car shuddered to a halt. I walked back home to get my husband's help.

When I got home I couldn't believe my eyes. He was parading in front of the wardrobe mirror dressed in my underwear and high-heel shoes, and he was wearing my make up.

I am 32, my husband is 34 and we have been married for twelve years. When I confronted him, he tried to make out that he had dressed in my lingerie because he couldn't find his own underwear. But when I asked him about the make up, he broke down and admitted that he'd been wearing my clothes for six months. I told him to stop or I would leave him.

He was let go fro m his job six months ago and he says he has been feeling increasingly depressed and worthless. I love him very much, but ever since I gave him the ultimatum he has become increasingly distant.

I don't feel I can get through to him anymore. Can you please help?


Mrs. Sheila Usk


Dear Sheila:

A car stalling after being driven a short distance can be caused by a variety of faults with the engine. Start by checking that there is no debris in the fuel line. If it is clear, check the jubilee clips holding the vacuum pipes onto the inlet manifold. If none of these approaches solves the problem, it could be that the fuel pump itself is faulty, causing low delivery pressure to the carburetor float chamber. I hope this helps.


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September 26, 2007

Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

A recent study found the average American walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of beer a year. That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon. Kind Of Makes You Proud To Be American, DOESN'T IT?

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More Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

This is NSFW!!!

A toy that I never want in my household... follow THIS LINK... my B-I-L sent it to me. ARGHHHHHHHH

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September 25, 2007

Random Websites I Just Discovered

These have been around, it's just they are new to me. Hence I'm putting them out here so I can find them again!

Want to learn another language? Try THIS SITE of LiveMocha.

And want to learn about statistics on your city? Try ZipSkinny and see if you agree.

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Nose and Drinking

Tot and I had a 'discussion' today. On the lines of:

Mom: Tot stop crying over the lid not going down.
Tot: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mom: Tot stop it or I'll send you straight to your room when you get home
Tot: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mom: One
Mom: Two
Tot: Fine, I'm going to drink my water
Mom: **blink** ok.
**brief moment of silence**
Tot: Mom, it won't go up my nose.
Mom: Huh?
Tot: I can't drink my water through my nose. I want to drink it through my nose.
Mom: **glances in rearview mirror and sees water bottle up to Tot's nose and him trying to pour water in nose** uhhhhhhhhh **Bou Blink**
Mom: Tot, is it going down your throat through your nose?
Tot: Nope
Mom: Chances are your nose is not made for drinking water.
Tot: oh.

**glances in rearview mirror over the next 10 minutes just to look at Tot**
**blinks in disbelief as he continues to figure out a way to drink water through his nose**

Mental Note: Never ever let children drink some of my drink. Never.

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Girl or grown Woman?

My mom sent me this... and it is very appropriate!

Here's to all you grown women...

Girls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans.
Grown women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where he fits.

Girls want to control the man in their life.
Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling.

Girls check you for not calling them.
Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't.

Girls are afraid to be alone.
Grown women revel in it-using it as a time for personal growth.

Girls ignore the good guys.
Grown women ignore the bad guys.

Girls make you come home.
Grown women make you want to come home.

Girls worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their man.
Grown women know that they are pretty and/or good enough for any man.

Girls try to monopolize all their man's time (i.e., don't want him hanging with his friends).
Grown women realize that a lil' bit of space makes the 'together time' even more special-and goes to kick it with her own friends.

Girls think a guy crying is weak.
Grown women offer their shoulder and a tissue.

Girls get hurt by one man and make all men pay for it.
Grown women know that - that was just one man.

Girls fall in love and chase aimlessly after the object of their affection, ignoring all 'signs'.
Grown women know that sometimes the one you love, doesn't always love you back-and move on, without bitterness.

Girls will read this and get an attitude.
Grown women will read this and pass it on to other Grown women and their male friends.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail."

Which are you (if you are female)?
A Girl or Grown Woman?

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September 24, 2007

Muscle Man Boy

Tot loves to pose for pictures. He was 'taking' off his shirt when it ended up on his back. I asked him to pose for me as a muscle man and here is what I got (click to enlarge - it is worth it to see his face):

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

This is why this boy stays alive. He can drive me to insanity quickly but just as quickly look cute and make me smile. He is definitely a handful.

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September 22, 2007

Larry Bird versus Word Bird

Life is always entertaining at my house. Tot was scanning through the TV guide that is on the TV. Yes, he does know how to use the tv flicker. He saw a listing for Larry Bird. And I hear him hollaring to me...

Tot: Mom, Mom... I want to watch Word Bird
Mom: Word Bird? On TV?
Tot: Yaa Mom, right here. How to I watch Word Bird?
Mom: **blinks** I don't see Word Bird on the listing.
Tot: Mommmmmm...
Mom: Oh... That is Larry Bird. See the L. LLLLL Larry not Word.
Tot: oh.

Sigh... I thought when they learned to walk life was hard... having them learn to read just a little is going to be even more entertaining and harder. I wonder what Larry would think if he found out that he wasn't worth watching since he wasn't Word Bird.

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September 21, 2007

Wii Might Be In Our Future

My eyes had to be deceiving me when I read Prochein Amy's post... but I followed the link and from this news article it says:

A new weapon will soon join Nintendo’s armoury: a lightsabre.

Oh boy!!!! Anyone out there already have a Wii? I can't wait for someone else to get it and then tell me if it is really good or not! Keep me posted!!!

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Dinosaur Munch

The other day I decided to get out the playdoh and have some fun with my boys. I have a couple of playdoh dinosaurs and Tater is really into dinosaurs. Much to my surprise (and I shouldn't have been), Tot was into dinosaurs as well.

At some point, Tater hollared at me to come around and see what his stegosaurus had done. I went over to see little pieces of playdoh piled behind it. Huh? Tater told me the stegosaurus had pooped! Oh wonderful (notice sarcasm).

Then they wanted baby dinosaurs. So I made some...

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

We also have a mold for some stuff. Puppies, trains, cars, teddy bears. I made a puppy. I was barking at the T-rex that Tot was playing with at the time. He asked for the puppy and I gave it to him. He proceeded to stuff it in the T-rex mouth and say "Yum yum".

Free Image Hosting at

He then took it out. Tater took off the head and laid both pieces down beside the T-rex and said that the T-rex had eaten the puppy. Tot thought it was not enough and proceeded to pick up the bottom and just stuff it in the mouth...

Free Image Hosting at

Oh wait... the T-rex was still hungry. Let's stick the head in as well...

Free Image Hosting at

The stegosaurus on the other had an eating frenzy on some plants and that is the mess you see below:

Free Image Hosting at

I was amazed how well they actually played together. And very proud...

Free Image Hosting at

Well, proud if you exclude the poop, the puppy eating and then the tongue contest. They wanted to see who had the longest tongue...

Free Image Hosting at

Then Tot made sure the T-rex won.... He told me it was going to be long enough to touch the table and it certainly did.

Free Image Hosting at

Ahhhh... children... they are good for entertainment.

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September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Pixie

Seems that the elusive Pixie is having a birthday. Pixie has helped me out so many times I can't count them. And wonderful. Thank you Pixie and have the best of birthdays.

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I have to brag... my blogson made it to the big times. His blog was written up in the October 2007 issue of Parents magazine. Go on over and give him a high five. He deserves it!

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Oops, I forgot!

Free Image Hosting at

Seems I was a little distracted last night and forgot to write up the post on playdoh, dinosaurs and my boys. Very funny... even have pictures. Instead, I have put up a picture to make you smile. Tot in the box!

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September 19, 2007

Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

This fits the way I feel right now... and it is an oldie but goodie...

Mildred was a 93 year old woman who was very upset over the recent death of her husband, Earl. She decided that she would just kill herself and join him in death. Thinking that it would be best to get it over with quickly, she took out Earl's old Army pistol and made the decision to shoot herself in the heart, since it was so badly broken in the first place. Not wanting to miss the vital organ and become a vegetable and burden to someone, she called her doctor's office to inquire as to just exactly where the heart would be on a woman. The doctor said, "Your heart would be just below your left breast. Later that night, Mildred was admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her knee.

Take all American women who are within five years of menopause - train us for a few weeks, outfit us with automatic weapons, grenades, gas masks, moisturizer with SPF15, Prozac, hormones, chocolate and canned tuna - drop us (parachuted, preferably) across the landscape of Afghanistan & let us do what comes naturally.

Think about it. Our anger quotient alone, even when doing standard stuff like grocery shopping and paying bills, is formidable enough to make even armed men in turbans tremble. We've had our children, we would gladly suffer or die to protect them and their future. We'd like to get away from our husbands, if they haven't left already. And for those of us who are single, the prospect of finding a good man with whom to share life is about as likely as being struck by lightning. We have nothing to lose.

We've survived the water diet, the protein diet, the carbohydrate diet and the grapefruit diet in gyms and saunas across America and never lost a pound. We can easily survive months in the hostile terrain of Afghanistan with no food at all!

We've spent years tracking down our husbands or lovers in bars, hardware stores, or sporting events...finding bin Laden in some cave will be no problem.

Uniting all the warring tribes of Afghanistan in a new government? Oh, please ... we've planned the seating arrangements for in-laws and extended families at Thanksgiving dinners for years ... we understand tribal warfare.

Between us, we've divorced enough husbands to know every trick there is for how they hide, launder, or cover up bank accounts and money sources. We know how to find that money and we know how to seize it ... with or without the government's help!

Let us go and fight. The Taliban hates women. Imagine their terror as we crawl like ants with hot-flashes over their wicked forsaken terrain.


The Mature Women of the United States

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More Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

Just for Bou, I looked around for breast humor.

I found this breast ogle game... I tried a couple of times and finally won once...

Breast Ogle

= = =

There is a lot of breast feeding humor and lots of conferences given by cancer survivors that say humor helps... but honest good funny breast humor... very lacking. ar ar ar... It's late, I'm tired. Please send your prayers and good thoughts over to Bou. While she is handling it well, it never hurts to have a good prayer or thought sent the way of someone dealing with a lump found in the breast.

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September 18, 2007

Jabba the Frog

When I saw the garden decoration that my mom put in her yard (see picture below)... I thought of the Mexican Frog pot that Bou wanted... along with the Frog Puke pots. Definitely a Star Wars Frog would add to the fun! Click to Enlarge...

Free Image Hosting at

And no, it is not advertised as a Star Wars frog... it's just the first thing everyone in my family thought when they saw it.

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Seems that I never get to visit my mom when she has hummingbirds in her yard... so my sis, ddpups, took the time to take some pictures. I'm going to share them with you. There's a lot but I couldn't decides which ones not to share! Click to enlarge!

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

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September 17, 2007

Frogs and Fear

I love frogs. Really I do. But right now I am afraid of them. Ohh... not to pick them up or step on them... but the fear you get when you walk out a door. Any door to the outside. Why? Here is an example:

Free Image Hosting at

And just moments later... it moved even higher up...

Free Image Hosting at

Luckily it wasn't on the door itself or I wouldn't be getting these pictures... my hubby would have been taking them of me on the ground with my arms flying around like banshees. Those frogs just love to jump on you when you open a door around here. Most of them are little (remember the tadpoles?) and while the little ones give me a fright, don't cause nearly the heart dropping, arm movement that the bigger ones can cause. Yaa... it's Monday.

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September 14, 2007

Too Hot

When it is too hot to picnic outdoors... might as well eat indoors. Of course, we cannot let our new book get to far away. Thanks Bou... just a touch of sarcasm. That book doesn't have many words in it, and can be very very very boring after the 30th time you have had to go over it again. Ahhhh... but Tot just loves it.

Free Image Hosting at

It's Friday. Phew....

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Out of Time

There is a book on my side bar. It is a link to Amazon to buy it. I was able to get it for free from the author just for linking to it. Guess what? I love that book. No explicit s.x scenes. Great sci-fi ideas. And plots within plots to keep you wanting to read more. In fact, I actually read it twice. Ok Ok... I had to read it a second time because I know I missed a lot the first time... I was on pain killers and the like for my kidney problems.

I loved it just as much the second time... particularly since more of the book made sense. If you like sci-fi... and just good adventure books... this is for you. No, this is NOT a paid advertisement. The author did NOT ask me to write a post on it. But when I really enjoy a book and can help a fellow blogger make a few extra dollars... AND I want him to write more... I'll certainly put my 2 cents out here. Also, I plan on passing this down to my kids and when they read this post, they'll know how much I enjoyed the book... if I forget to tell them (or I'm too senile to be able to say something). Ahhh... now to find something else to read that says more than "Biscuit come back. Woof Woof!" and to get off this computer for a while...

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September 13, 2007

Writing 101

I have to laugh. I totally forgot about Richmond's daughter the other day and the post she did on her 'daily planner'. It was frick'n hilarious. Go HERE to read it.

Yep, I can see something like that happening at our house. Luckily it will be further into the future. Phew.

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Hair grows too fast in this house

New hair cuts occurred this weekend. I was amazed at how much hair was on my boys. They grow it like weeds grow in the yard. Unbelievable. Even the beautician was amazed. I asked the boys if I could take their picture when we got home. Tater posed... I'm in so much trouble when he gets older...

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Tot held a toy in front of his face, so I told him I really wanted to just get his hair cut, not any toys. He bent over so I could get the top of his head. I laughed. What a card...

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

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September 12, 2007

Humor for Dreaded Wednesday was down while I was awake last night. Here is some last minute humor that just hit me as funny this morning...

A Somali arrives in California as a new immigrant to the United States.

He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says, "Thank you Mr. American for letting me in this country, giving me housing, food stamps, free medical care, and free education!"

The passerby says, "You are mistaken, I am Mexican."

The man goes on and encounters another passerby. " Thank you for having such a beautiful country here in America !"

The person says, "I not American, I Vietnamese."

The new arrival walks further, and the next person he sees he stops, shakes his hand and says, "Thank you for the wonderful America !"

That person puts up his hand and says, "I am from Middle East , I am not American!"

He finally sees a nice lady and asks, "Are you an American?"

She says, "No, I am from Africa !"

Puzzled, he asks her, "Where are all the Americans?"

The African lady checks her watch and says... "Probably at work."

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More Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

A very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into Wal-Mart with her two kids, yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. The Wal-Mart Greeter said pleasantly "Good morning, and welcome to Wal-Mart. Nice children you have there. Are they twins?"

The ugly woman stopped yelling long enough to say, "Hell no they ain't." "The oldest one's 9 and the other one's 7. Why the hell would you think they're twins? Are you blind, or just stupid?"

"I'm neither blind nor stupid, Ma'am," replied the greeter. "I just couldn't believe you got laid twice. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart."

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September 11, 2007

It is 9/11

I put the post up of Tater's daily planner because I did not know what to say for the anniversary of 9/11. I talked to Tink and told her that everything has been said. Many times it has been said much better than what would come from my fingers to this post.

While I have nothing to add to what has been said, I do remember. I do pray for the military personnel that give their lives to help us be a country that is Free and to protect us. And I pray for those who lost someone special to them. And I remember to say "God Bless America." I do remember.

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Who's Handwriting?

My poor son has gotten my handwriting. Then again, I think his dad's isn't that great either. Just in fun, I'm posting some of his writing from his daily planner. Then I will do it again around February of next year... see if it has improved or not. I bet he will end up having better handwriting than both his parents. Hopefully it will turn out as nice as my mom's or dad's. Now that was something to see!

click to enlarge... and let me know what you can read! I did figure it out eventually...

Free Image Hosting at

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September 10, 2007


Seems that and I didn't mix last night. Hence, I'm sending my attack dog over to get the ones that brought down

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

What? You don't think this ferocious dog will scare them? Naa... me neither... all he wants is a belly rub. Sigh.

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September 08, 2007

A Day Late!

Seems every year, Bou takes me to Sushi for my birthday and I forget hers. Geeze! Then again there was the time I was 9 months late mailing my mom her birthday gift. So, it really has nothing to do with Bou and everything to do with me.

I did a search on s.xy male chef and couldn't believe what I found, but nothing worth posting. Made a few changes in the wording and still nothing worth wild. I was very disappointed. I figured I would be able to get Bou a nice gift if she didn't have to cook every night and it was at least eye candy. ;-)

Don't even try male maid. That made me want to barf. Submissive, french costumes. ewwwwwwwwwww

Sorry Bou... guess I'm stuck just saying Happy Belated Birthday.

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September 06, 2007

Growing Up

My boy is a Kindergartener. Wow. He has memorized his first 9 sight words, brought home some other work to finish and has had good behavior reports every day. He buckles his own strap, dresses himself (except for socks), brushes his own teeth and speaks quite well. While this didn't happen over night, it amazes me when I see it all put together.

Ever since I started carpooling and having him ride with me or my friend to school, he comes home much happier and tells me about what has happened. Like how he met a teacher named Coach. This teacher taught him about basketball. I loved it. He showed me how to hold your hands when dribbling. He loves computer time and he is nice to his classmates.

I got to have lunch with him this week. It was very special. I love my little (big) boy.

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September 05, 2007

Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep--A Tired Mother's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray my sanity to keep.
For if some peace I do not find,
I'm pretty sure I'll lose my mind.
I pray I find a little quiet
Far from the daily family riot
May I lie back--not have to think
about what they're stuffing down the sink,
or who they're with, or where they're at
and what they're doing to the cat.
I pray for time all to myself
(did something just fall off a shelf?)
To cuddle in my nice, soft bed
(Oh no, another goldfish--dead!)
Some silent moments for goodness sake
(Did I just hear a window break?)
And that I need not cook or clean...
(Well heck, I've got the right to dream)
Yes now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray my wits about me keep,
But as I look around I know...
I must have lost them long ago!

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More Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

My BIL sent me THIS SITE for my dog... I was LMAO when I saw it...

= = =

Sleep Is Better Than S.x Because...

1. You don't feel guilty about doing it alone.

2. No one will start rumours about how much you sleep.

3. You won't complain in the morning about not getting any.

4. You don't have to pay for sleep.

5. You don't need to sleep after sleeping.

6. Sleep can last a good eight hours. (or even more)

7. You can sleep in church.

8. While sleeping, you can have sex with anyone you want.

9. Your teddy bear never complains.

And of course....

10. It's legal to sleep in any position whichever country you live in.

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September 04, 2007

Mom and Tot Take A Walk

Want to see what we saw?

Free Image Hosting at

or the 'where is the lizard'?

Free Image Hosting at

or something that brought back memories for me...

Free Image Hosting at

Nope, we didn't get far... but we had fun.

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September 03, 2007

Mrs. Who Made Me Do It.

Ok ok... she did not come through the electrons and force my fingers to select answers to the questions.. but she made me curious and I had to give it a shot...

How will I die?
Your Result: You will die in your sleep.

A peaceful departure into the next life. You are blessed with the good fortune of passing from sleep into eternity. Do not fear sleep. To dream into the next life is a rare gift.

You will die while saving someone's life.
You will die while having sex.
You will die of boredom.
You will be murdered.
You will die from a terminal illness.
You will die in a nuclear holocaust.
You will die in a car accident.
How will I die?
Create a Quiz

Guess that's better than my sis who is going to die of Boredom.

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What Was For Dinner Last Night?

Seems I had some frozen Lasagna sauce and decide to make some... much to my surprise it was v.e.r.y sweet. Yuck. The boys loved it and ate every bite. Sigh.

Free Image Hosting at

Need more garlic bread. Though, they refused to eat my keylime pie. It was yummy. Nice and tart. Both boys spit out the little tiny bite they took of it. All mine!!!! And my neighbor's tree has a ton more keylimes getting ready for the picking.

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September 01, 2007

Footprints at 7:20am

Tot wanted me to take pictures of him making footprints..

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

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